How to Apply for VISA Online

 It is everyone’s dream to visit a foreign country, learn the culture and language of that country. Two things are required to go to any country – passport and visa. You get passport made from your country but visa has to be obtained from the country where you have to go. So let’s get complete information about what is visa and how to apply visa.

how to apply canadian visa online
How to Apply for VISA Online?

What is Visa?

The full form of Visa is “Visitors International Stay Admission”. Visa is a kind of permission letter which is required to go abroad. Which country you want to go to, you have to ensure in the visa card that you can stay there for a regular period of time. To get visa, we also have to tell for what work we need visa and how much time we will spend in that country.

Advantages of Having a Visa

Visa is like a passport in a way, with the help of which we get entry in a foreign country. Some of its advantages are as follows:

  • You may go abroad for your higher education.
  • You can live there as per your wish.
  • You may go abroad due to better career options.
  • You must also have a visa for business related purposes.
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How Many Types of Visa are There?

Visa is mainly of two types-

Non-immigrant Visa – If you want to go abroad for a long period of time, then you have to take a non-immigrant visa. We also call it non-immigrant visa.

Immigrant Visa – If you want to go abroad and live there, then you will have to get an immigrant visa. It is also called Pravasi Visa (Overseas).

Apart from this, there are 8 other types of visas-

  • Transit Visa – When one has to transit through a third country, a transit visa is applied for. Its duration is of five days.
  • Tourist Visa – If you want to go abroad, apply for a tourist visa.
  • Business Visa – If you want to go abroad for business or business then apply for Business Visa.
  • On Arrival Visa – If you go to another country then the visa which is issued before entry is called on arrival visa.
  • Student Visa – If you want to study abroad or want to do your higher education from abroad then apply for student visa.
  • Marriage Visa – If an Indian man wants to marry a foreign girl, he will invite her to his country, for which the girl will have to go to the Indian Embassy and apply for a marriage visa.
  • Immigrant Visa – If you want to go to another country and spend your life ahead, then you have to apply for Immigrant Visa.
  • Medical Visa – If you want to go abroad for health related things then you can apply for Medical Visa.

How to Apply for US VISA?

There are two ways to apply for a visa-

1. Pen and paper – For this you have to go to the embassy and get all government papers checked. Along with this, your house is also investigated for this process, then you get a foreign visa. It is a long process.

2. Online- In today’s modern era, no task seems difficult through internet. You can apply for a visa through the Internet and get it in just five days. For this you have to go through a small process which is explained in detail below.

Visa Application

Below is a step by step guide to know how to apply for visa-

  • Identify your visa type.
  • Start your application.
  • Book an appointment.
  • Pay the fee.
  • Visit the Visa Application Centre.
  • track the application.
  • Take your passport.

How to Apply for Offline Visa?

Along with knowing how to apply visa, also know how to apply offline visa-

  • If you want to apply for visa offline, then for that you need to go to the embassy.
  • After this, get the visa form for the country you want to visit.
  • After this, now fill the form properly.
  • After filling the form properly, attach the copies of all the necessary documents.
  • After this all your documents are checked by the government official.
  • After checking the documents your house is also checked for further process.
  • After completion of all these investigations, you are provided with a foreign visa.
  • This is a long process.

How to Apply for VISA Online

Along with knowing how to apply visa, also know how to apply visa online-

If you want to register online for obtaining a visa, then for that you have to go to the official website of the Embassy of that country.

  • Click on the Visa link.
  • The “home page” of the website opens in front of you.
  • In this home page, you have to click on the option of “Apply for Visa”.
  • You reach a new page.
  • This is your visa application form.
  • In this form, you have to fill all the information asked properly.
  • After filling all the information properly, the related documents have to be scanned and uploaded.
  • Upload all the documents and click on the submit button given below.
  • After that go to the payment option and make the payment.
  • After this, you have to take out the print of the receipt and keep it.
  • If the information provided by you is found to be correct, a visa is issued to you.

Visa Document

For Visa we need some documents, which are as follows:

  • Current passport as well as old passport (if any)
  • a passport size photograph
  • visa payment receipt
  • original interview appointment letter
  • Take the above required documents to the embassy of the country you wish to visit and submit all the documents there.

Visa Application Fee

There is also a fee for applying for a visa. At the time of applying for the visa, you would have received a visa fee receipt which you would have received at the time of paying the visa fee.


You also have an interview in the process of getting a visa. The embassy of the country you want to go to takes your interview. This is because the officials want to confirm whether you are educated enough to go abroad or not. Your fingerprints are also taken during this interview.

How to Check Visa?

After applying for the visa, now you want to know the status of your visa, then you can track the status of your visa in the following ways-

To know the status of your visa, you have to visit the official website of the department

On reaching the website, you will have to enter your 12 digit application ID and passport number. After that enter the given captcha code in the given box and click on the search button.

As soon as you click on the search button, your visa status will be shown in front of you.

Also, if you do not know your Application ID or Passport Number, you can track your visa status in other ways by clicking on the Advanced option.

Visa Applications Can Also be Rejected!

Sometimes visa applications also get rejected, some of the reasons are given below-

  • Any wrong information has been given in the application.
  • Applicant should have any criminal record or any case pending on him.
  • There should be some kind of security threat from him.
  • His image or relations may not be good in his own country.
  • He wants to settle in the country and has not applied for an immigrant or work visa.
  • The person seeking the visa should not have a valid reason for travel.
  • There should be no valid and legal source of income.
  • There should be no arrangement to stay in the country where he is going.
  • Do not have health or travel insurance for travel and stay in another country (in certain cases).
  • Have applied for a visa on very short notice.

What is the E-Visa Fee For all Countries?

Below are the E-Visa fees of some countries, it is as follows:

Serial Number Country Fee (USD)

1 US 75 (INR 5,625)

2 UK 75 (INR 5,625)

3 China 50 (INR 3,750)

4 France 50 (INR 3,750)

5 Germany 50 (INR 3,750)

6 Canada 50 (INR 3,750)

7 Australia 50 (INR 3,750)

8 Ireland 50 (INR 3,750)

9 Russia 75 (INR 5,625)

10 Swiss 50 (INR 3,750)

How to apply for Schengen Visa?

Schengen Visa enables an Indian citizen to travel to most of the countries in Europe. This visa remains valid for 6 months. Below is the procedure to apply for Schengen Visa-

Step 1: Visit the Schengen Embassy website to obtain and download the visa application form.

Step 2: Fill all the details asked in the form, and submit after signing.

Step 3: Collect all the paperwork required for the visa. Send these to the visa center along with the application for the visa.

Step 4: If you are traveling to only one country, the visa will be issued by the embassy or consulate of that country. If you are traveling to more than one country, submit your visa in the capital of the country where your stay will be the longest. And if your duration of stay in both the countries is same, then you should apply for visa in the country from where your journey will start.

Step 5: Make an appointment for a visa processing appointment.

Step 6: Attend the interview for Visa and submit your application.


What is the fee for Canada work visa?

The Canadian government plans to sell work permit visas starting March 1, with fees ranging from CAD 6,666 – CAD 26,666 (INR 4-16 lakh). At the same time, the conditions of work permit will be relaxed and visa fees will be charged according to the work.

What are the types of Visa?

Like passport, visa is also of many types –

1. Tourist Visa

2. Transit Visa

3. Business Visa

4. Student Visa.

How much does it cost to get a visa?

The fee for making visa is the same for every country, which is different in some places. This fee is approximately 50 USD (INR 3,750).

How much does USA visa cost?

The fees you need to pay for a US visa range from USD 160 (INR 12,000) to USD 265 (INR 19,875).

What are the documents required for Visa?

  • The following documents are required for Visa –
  • 1. Current passport as well as old passports (if any)
  • 2. One passport size photo
  • 3. Visa Payment Receipt
  • 4. Appointment letter or reason for visit and certificate thereof


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